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3 + 1.5 Sample Course Sequencing and Integration

Individual degree plans will be created for each student. The sample balance sheet below details a program for students entering with some AP or similar course equivalency credit. Most students interested in this program would enter their freshman year with between 15 and 24 credit hours, which allows for adding minors or possibly dual majors. Students receive an undergraduate degree with 124 hours of credit. Six of the 124 hours also will count toward the MBA degree.

*Note: The sample balance sheet below is intended to give students an idea of how different amounts of incoming credits earned in high school (such as AP or International Baccalaureate) can affect the amount of undergraduate credits required for completing a BSBA. Students will work with TU advisers to formulate a course of study tailored to their individual circumstances.

Incoming credits assumed 15 30 3
Undergraduate credits at TU 103 88 115
Double counted for BSBA and MBA
Operations Management and Strategy
6 6 6
TOTAL BSBA (including double counts) 124 124 124
TOTAL MBA-only credits 31 31 31
TOTAL CREDITS 155 155 155