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A Personal History of TU 

My oldest memory of TU is from 1986, watching my uncle play football in Skelly Stadium. I had never known, until that day as a 6-year-old, that you could fall in love with a place. I was a child who adored school and learning, and didn’t know what, exactly college/university was. To discover a place where I could live and be near books all the time, it was like nirvana to me. 

There are words that can’t convey, even now as a 41-year-old, the sense of wonder and peace I felt, even at a raucous football game, at knowing that I was where I belong. From then on, I KNEW I’d attend here. My first attempt was in 1998. Mental health care wasn’t as it is now, and the resources didn’t exist. I got horribly depressed and joined the Square Root Club and left. A lifetime passed, and I returned as a 38-year-old freshman. And still that feeling of home and peace remained, even during my first day panic attacks.   

by Melissa A