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Master of Accountancy

Program Description

Accountants are generally responsible for creating, analyzing and communicating financial information for companies, organizations, individual clients and government agencies. Accurate recording and reporting of financial data and business transactions comprise a major portion of an accountant’s workday.

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program prepares students to apply discipline-specific knowledge and skills as leaders in the field of accounting. Students will develop critical thinking skills as well as an understanding of the strategic role of accounting in business organizations and society. This 30-hour degree program can be completed in 12 months and provides an excellent avenue to attain CPA compliance for those seeking professional certification.

Skills and Outcomes

The advent of data analytics, blockchain and machine learning is creating exciting changes in the field of accounting. The MAcc program at TU builds upon the traditional accounting legacy and infuses it with analytics and technology to give our students the skills they need to thrive in this rapidly changing profession. Our MAcc program also aims to develop our students’ leadership and cross-functional management skills.

Experiential Learning

During the spring semester of your MAcc experience, the program offers the ability to augment your schedule through a full-time spring internship during the MAcc experience. The eight-week internship, followed by eight weeks of condensed courses, allows practical application-based experiences without interruption of your MAcc experience.

Alumni Spotlight

This program goes into more of the theoretical side of the profession — things like valuing companies, fraud and loss — which I liked. You can pick and choose what you want to do, and I was able to dabble in areas like international business and finance. I passed all four [CPA exams] the first time. The MACC program covered a lot of gaps that I didn’t realize I had in my undergraduate degree.

Mackenzie Walker MAcc '17

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Fall App Deadline
Fall Decision Date
Fall Commitment Deadline
1 Oct. 31 Dec. 1 April 1
2* Jan. 15 Feb. 15 April 1
3 July 31 Rolling Admission Rolling Admission

* Apply by Round 2 to be considered for Dean’s scholarships
** Final deadline for international student to ensure visa processing

Spring App Deadline
Spring Decision Date
Spring Commitment Deadline
1* Sept. 15 Oct. 15 Dec. 1
2 Jan. 1 Rolling Admission Rolling Admission

* Apply by Round 1 to be considered for Dean’s scholarships

Degree Details

The primary goal of the Master of Accountancy (M.Acc.) program is to provide a quality graduate-level experience that will prepare students for careers in accounting across a wide variety of organizations.

Course Bulletin

Tuition, Fees and Scholarships

Four out of five of our graduate business students receive some form of financial assistance, either through scholarships, graduate assistantships or company tuition reimbursement.

Scholarships Tuition & Fees

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to create a research paper and analyze and evaluate financial and managerial scenarios, as evidenced by a research paper in Acct 7073 and exam questions in Acct 7333.
  2. Demonstrate an awareness of the professional communication and behavior necessary to become successful professionals in the field of accounting, as demonstrated by written communication assessed in Acct 7073 and by course requirements assessed in Acct 7110-7140.

Curriculum and Time to Completion

The Master of Accountancy degree is a 30-credit program that can be completed full time in just four semesters.

Course Schedule

First Year (30 credits)
Fall (12 credits) ACCT 7333 – Advanced Financial Reporting
ACCT 7110 – MACC Experience*
ACCT Elective #1
ACCT Elective #2
BUS Elective #1
Spring (12 credits) ACCT 70703 – Management Control Systems
ACCT 7120 – MACC Experience*
ACCT Elective #3
ACCT Elective #4
BUS Elective #2
Summer (six credits) BUS Elective #3
BUS Elective #4

*MACC Experience courses are non-credit