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Business Analytics Minor

Across all disciplines and industry sectors, graduates possessing analytics and quantitative skills are in high demand. An understanding of analytics has the potential to add value to almost any career path. Technology has enabled firms to adopt sophisticated data collection methods, netting powerful information that can help build a competitive advantage, improve the customer experience or increase operational efficiency. These advancements have created a growing need for professionals who can analyze and interpret large sets of data, commonly referred to as “Big Data,” to power strategic corporate initiatives.

The Collins College of Business offers a minor in business analytics to help fill this growing workforce gap. The objective is to produce graduates having the combined knowledge in analytics and other disciplines to address the challenges of today’s high-tech, fast-paced business environment.

The minor is primarily designed for business students who already possess some quantitative ability and who want to further develop their knowledge and interests as a complement to their major field of study. The program combines fundamental computational skills, database concepts, data mining and predictive analytics tools, and business modeling techniques to establish a solid foundation of knowledge that can be used to craft a dynamic career trajectory.

The minor also is available to science and engineering students. Students majoring in fields outside of business, science and engineering, or those lacking prior quantitative training, may pursue the minor after first completing leveling courses.


(12 hours)
CIS 2013 Business Programming Concepts I*
CIS 4043 Database Design and Applications*
QM 5003 Business Decision Models
QM 5063 Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

*Students majoring in science or engineering may substitute equivalent computer science coursework

Electives (3 hours, recommended outside the student’s major area):
ECON 3073 Applied Econometric Methods
EMGT 3033 Geographic Information Systems for Energy Applications
FIN 4083 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management II
FIN 4113 Student Investment Fund I
MKTG 3073 Marketing Research
QM 4013 Foundations of Analytics

Non-business students pursuing the business analytics minor must complete the following prerequisites, or their equivalents, with a grade of C or higher:
MATH 1103 Basic Calculus
QM 2013 Statistics I
QM 2023 Statistics II

Recommended Block II electives for non-business students:
ECON 2013 Principles of Economics I: Macroeconomics
ECON 2023 Principles of Economics II: Microeconomics

QM 2013, Statistics I, and QM 2023, Statistics II, are prerequisites for most of the courses in the business analytics minor. Some courses may require additional prerequisites to be satisfied.
Undergraduate enrollment may be limited in 5000/7000 courses.