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Cyber Security Minor

In today’s global business climate that relies heavily on information and infrastructure, the threat of security breaches and cyber attacks remains constant. Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and potency, and can result in the disruption of important business systems, release of confidential information and data theft — all of which pose serious risks for any organization. From protecting the critical infrastructure that controls the nation’s energy supplies to securing financial transactions and patient data records for companies that span the globe, cyber security is a growing necessity in every industry.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for cyber security professionals who can plan and implement security measures that protect an organization’s computer networks, systems and data is expected to grow 18 percent through 2024. Forbes estimates the number of jobs available in the cyber security market to rise from 1 to 6 million across the globe by 2019.

Partnering with the Computer Science program in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Collins College of Business has introduced a minor in Cyber Security that is ideal for students majoring in Computer Information Systems.


12 credit hours of classes are required to earn this degree (which includes two CIS classes which are already required or elective)

The two required courses (6 hours) for this minor are:
CS 3863 Introduction to Cyber Security
CIS 4073 Information Security (a CIS elective)

With at least two elective courses (6 hours):
CIS 3043 Telecommunications (a required CIS course)
CS 3863 CCDC Training
CS 5403 Secure Electronic Commerce

Eligible students may also take the following courses to meet their elective requirements:
CS 5143 Security Economics
CS 5183 Information System Security Engineering
CS 5193 Risk Management for Information Systems
CS 5443 Information System Assurance
CS 5463 Enterprise Security Management
CS 5473 Network Security
CS 5493 Secure System Administration