Courses - Collins College of Business


Course NumberCourse NameDescriptionProfessor(s)
CIS 1001Intro To SpreadsheetsIntroduces the use of Microsoft Office (Windows Explorer, Excel, PowerPoint) in a business environment. Primary emphasis on Excel fundamentals.Lori Leonard
CIS 2003Intro Mgt Info SystemsThe objective of this course is to provide you with a good understanding of how computer information systems (MIS) can be used to support management decision-making and to provide you with skills in database and spreadsheet applications.
Lori Leonard
CIS 2013Bus Program Concept IAn understanding of computer programming fundamentals is essential for a successful career in Computer Information Systems (CIS).TBD
CIS 3001Adv Spreadsheet ApplicationsStudents will use advanced functions of spreadsheets that will allow them to make more efficient and effective business decisions.TBD
CIS 3023Bus Program Concept IIIn this course, students learn object oriented programming using JavaScript. A basic knowledge of programming constructs is assumed for this class.Akhilesh Bajaj
CIS 3043TelecommunicationsThis course will provide a strong conceptual foundation in computer networking that is suitable for Computer Information System (CIS) majors and other fields that rely upon Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks for data transport.TBD
CIS 3053Database Design & ApplicationsIn this course, we shall learn the basic theory behind relational database systems. The concepts we learn here are independent of any particular system.Akhilesh Bajaj
CIS 4033Bus Program Concept IIIIn this course we will learn technologies that can be used to create three tier applications: the client, the business logic and the database tier. We will be using HTML5/CSS3 with PHP/MYSQL.Akhilesh Bajaj
CIS 4053System Analy & DesignThe objective of this course is to provide CIS majors and minors an introduction to the concepts of Systems Analysis and Design. This course will provide a thorough understanding of the tools available to analysts and designers.Lori Leonard
CIS 4073Information SecurityThis course will provide a balanced technical and managerial foundation in Information Technology (IT) security that is suitable for upper division undergraduate Computer Information System (CIS) majors and graduate students.TBD
CIS 4093Systems Dev ProjectStudents staff a systems analysis and design project team involving implementation of computer-based solutions to actual individual and organizational problems.Ryan Haight
CIS 4133Software SystemsThis course will provide a thorough understanding of various topics related to IT, such as enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management systems, etc.Lori Leonard