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Transfer Credits

The Collins College of Business accepts transfer credits from other universities subject to the policies of the university and the college.

For newly admitted, incoming students, credit earned at other institutions is evaluated by college administrators in the Williams Student Services Center using course descriptions and input provided by the department chairpersons. Articulation agreements are maintained with several institutions and these agreements define course equivalencies. Once a student has been admitted to The University of Tulsa and has submitted transcripts from previously attended institutions, a course-by-course analysis will occur. Students will be notified in writing of their advanced standing and the number of hours accepted in transfer.

Continuing students cannot transfer credit from other institutions without advance permission from an adviser (forms available in the Williams Student Services Center). Upon completion of the semester, students who received permission to transfer course credit should request that an official transcript be mailed to the TU Records Office. The Williams Student Services Center will confirm approval and document the transfer credit on the student’s transcript. Once a student begins work towards the BSBA and BSIBL programs in the College, their ability to transfer credits from another institution is limited. The only courses eligible for transfer are block courses, general education electives, free electives and foreign languages. Transfers for these specific courses are only allowed until the student earns 79 hours, since the last 45 hours of a degree must be completed at TU. No transfer credits will be accepted toward the Business Core or Business Major subsequent to enrollment at The University of Tulsa.* The Business Core includes BUS 1001, BUS 2001, BL 2013, MATH 1093, MATH 1103, ENGL 1033, CIS 1001, ECON 2013, ECON 2023, ACCT 2113, ACCT 2123, QM 2013, QM 2023, FIN 3003, MKTG 3003, QM 3023, MGT 3003, CIS 3003 and MGT 4073

*The following is a list of exceptions to the policy:
Continuing students may transfer up to 6 credits earned during the summer at an AACSB accredited program upon approval of the Office of Undergraduate Programs.

Should the student cease to be enrolled at the University for at least one non-summer term and then return, credit earned at an AACSB program may be transferred.

Other important limitations on transfer credit applying to all College programs include:
Credit by examination will be acceptable toward a degree, including, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and proficiency examinations consistent with University policy, except business core courses (other than economics). CLEP credits are not accepted.

  • Course work taken from accredited institutions requires a grade of C or better to be considered for transfer.
  • At least 50 percent (62 credit hours) of credits must be comprised of general education components. Up to nine semester hours of economics and up to six semester hours of statistics may be counted as part of the general education component.
  • The last 45 hours of course work must be completed in residence at the University for students entering during or after the fall 1995 semester.
  • Transfer credit is not granted for correspondence work.
  • Junior college work may not account for more than one-half the hours required for graduation.
  • The Collins College of Business will not accept credits from community colleges after a student has completed 60 hours of college work.


Transfer Agreements
For more information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs.