Career Courses & Workshops

Workshops & Employer Showcases

Our office brings employers to campus to showcase their company and provide tips through various workshops. Past workshops have included:

  • Building a Winning Résumé Workshop
  • Preparing for a Behavioral Based Interview Workshop
  • Tailored for Success Workshop
  • Internships: Where to Begin Workshop
  • Networking and Your Personal Brand Workshop
  • How to Work a Career Fair Workshop
  • Handshake Workshop
  • Study Abroad Workshop
  • International Student Job Search Workshop
  • Tailoring Your LinkedIn Profile Workshop
  • #adulting101 Workshop Series
  • Let’s Talk Business Majors Workshop

See our Schedule of Events on the home page or stop by our office to learn about upcoming events.

Business 2001: Essential Business Skill Development

All business students take a sophomore-level, half-semester professional development course designed to prepare them for the internship and career search process.


  • Curriculum centered around 8 core competencies of business readiness:
    1. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
    2. Oral & Written Communication
    3. Teamwork & Collaboration
    4. Digital technology
    5. Leadership
    6. Professionalism & Work Ethic
    7. Career Management
    8. Global & Intercultural Fluency
  • Develops critical thinking skills enabling effective ethical decision-making in a business setting.
  • Exploration of personal cultural competencies and development of strategies to interact in a global business environment.
  • Use of teamwork, professional, and critical thinking skills through lecture style and break-out sessions to encourage participation and engagement.

Course Objectives

  • Develop self-awareness of professional personality type, skills inventory, career path and goals.
  • Production of career management tools including résumé, cover letter and acknowledgements.
  • Understanding of the career development process.
  • Preparation for interaction with employers.
  • Awareness of expectations in the workplace.
  • Experiential learning through peer review and team interaction.