CIS majors encouraged to pursue passions

Senior Andrew Kellehan has loved technology from a young age, so majoring in computer information systems (CIS) proved the perfect fit. He’s extended his interests to cyber security, a field that continues to grow in importance for businesses. “Cyber security protects client information and the services provided, so it affects every single business,” he says. “Combining cyber security with business is important, because all businesses have something they don’t want to lose.”

Kellehan augments his CIS courses with certification programs offered to CIS majors and minors. Students who earn these certificates enhance their knowledge in computer networking and security, providing them an advantage when seeking IT jobs and performing in IT roles regardless of industry type. “I was able to join the program and obtain certificates in cyber security,” he said. “It’s a great way to add to your technical skills and make you more attractive to potential employers. Because I enjoy cyber security, I now have a working vocabulary that most people don’t have, and knowledge about how to prevent or protect against threats.”

When seeking an internship, Kellehan received two offers, one of which was in cyber security. “Initially, the cyber security position was contingent on the fact that cyber security wasn’t my primary focus,” he explains. “But, this was my one internship opportunity, and I needed to figure out if this was the career I wanted to pursue. They called me back the next day and said they would put me on the cyber security team, and I ended up accepting that second offer.”

“TU really encourages pursuing your interests,” he continues. “The CIS department facilitates that with options such as the certification programs and a minor in cyber security that was recently added.”

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