Collins College of Business introduces innovation and entrepreneurship minor

Tulsa is considered one of the top cities in the country for young entrepreneurs due to its vast network of local business owners, low cost of living, strong economy and easy access to commercial and industrial loans. The Collins College of Business has benefited from its location in the heart of the city and has developed programs and initiatives that foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship within the student population.

The college’s latest offering is a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. The new minor focuses on developing a skill set that applies not only to aspiring entrepreneurs, but also those interested in learning how to better lead, communicate, collaborate and creatively solve problems – all of which are skills highly valued by employers, regardless of size or industry.

Students enrolled in the minor take three foundation courses during their sophomore and junior years. These courses focus on fundamental principles of innovation and entrepreneurship, covering topics that range from developing new ways of thinking to understanding the design and evolution of businesses. To further customize the minor, seniors can choose the remaining two courses from three different tracks: business, social-mission or technology innovation.

Claire Cornell, assistant director of entrepreneurship, said, “Innovation and entrepreneurship programs develop indispensable, value-creating skills that extend beyond a student’s core major. Even if someone is not necessarily interested in starting a business, learning how to cultivate a solutions-oriented mindset to solve dynamic, complex or uncertain problems produces enormous value for companies.”

Enrollment in the innovation and entrepreneurship minor is open to students from all majors and will facilitate interdisciplinary interaction. There are no prerequisites for the sophomore-level courses.

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