National Energy Policy Institute (NEPI) Archives

About the National Energy Policy Institute
The National Energy Policy Institute (NEPI) was established at The University of Tulsa in 2008 with a generous donation from the George Kaiser Family Foundation and additional funds from the US Department of Energy. Tony Knowles, former Governor of Alaska, served as President and Brad Carson, former US House Representative from the 2nd Congressional District of Oklahoma, served as Executive Director.

With an eye to the future, NEPI was created to research, propose and develop energy policy initiatives, and to advise policy makers on a broad array of issues from the collective standpoints of cost, security, and sustainability. The primary goal was to investigate all aspects of the US energy complex, from traditional fossil fuels to renewables to energy conservation, in light of feasible technologies for the near, middle, and long term, seeking an optimal path from current practice to a sustainable and responsible future. Secondarily, NEPI sought to encourage entrepreneurship, facilitate technology transfer, and encourage job growth in the energy sector.

From its beginning, the decision was made to maintain a minimal organizational presence in Tulsa. Instead, to achieve its goals, NEPI contracted with some of the most well-known researchers and academics in the energy policy arena across the country, bringing some of the most current thought leadership to bear on issues of the day. Through publications, conferences, and public presentations, NEPI sought to enlighten the public as well as the broader energy policy community on topics of national and international importance.

In 2012 President Obama nominated Brad Carson to serve in the Pentagon, which led to a series of events that resulted in NEPI activities being substantially scaled back. When it became clear that Mr. Carson would not soon return, all activities were suspended and all work products were archived. The School of Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce at The University of Tulsa currently maintains the archive and distributes information to the public upon request.

A selected list of archived NEPI materials/activities is found here.

Major Report: “Building America’s Energy Future, A Portfolio of Promising Policies,” June 2013