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Research and Outreach

The faculty of the School of Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce is actively engaged in research and outreach spanning multiple sectors of the global energy industry. From white papers and conference proceedings to peer-reviewed journal articles, book contributions, congressional briefings, and legal opinions, the faculty has compiled an impressive portfolio of intellectual contributions and thought leadership that informs teaching, application, and scholarship across all of the School’s educational programs. Faulty members regularly provide professional consultation to energy companies, and media and information outlets frequently request their expertise and commentary on contemporary energy issues.

Example areas of ongoing research include:

  • Quantitative approaches for estimating unconventional oil and gas resources
  • Enhancements and revisions of oil and gas accounting principles
  • Markets and economics of natural gas, particularly with respect to LNG
  • International contracts and business transactions associated with offshore energy exploration and production
  • Human factors associated with the adoption of renewable energy technologies
  • Bio-energy technology, specifically related to the potential of algae as an energy/ fuel source
  • Efficient management of energy infrastructure, particularly through the implementation of digital technologies

A representative collection of faculty contributions is listed below.

Faculty members consistently publish their work in nationally and internationally recognized outlets, including Energy Policy, The Energy Journal, Energy Economics, Oil & Gas Journal, The American Oil and Gas Reporter, and Oil, Gas and Energy Quarterly. In addition, due to their extensive international experience, faculty members receive and accept multiple invitations every year to speak at professional and industry conferences around the globe.

White Paper

Ripple, R., 2014, The geopolitics of Australian natural gas development, in Geopolitics of Natural Gas. White Paper, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School and Baker Institute for Energy Studies, Rice University. 41 p.

Journal Articles

Farhar, B., D. Maksimovic, W. Tomac, and T. Coburn, 2016. A field study of human factors and vehicle performance associated with PHEV adaptation. 2016. Energy Policy, v. 93, pp. 265-277.

Nichols, L., 2016, Royal Dutch Shell versus ExxonMobil: their corporate agility in the industry downturn. Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management Journal, forthcoming.

Li, R., R. Joyeux, and R. Ripple, 2014. International natural gas market integration. 2014. The Energy Journal, v. 35, pp. 159-179.

International Presentations

Pollett, B., 2016, Responding to litigation and arbitration over disputed gas supply agreements, Parts A & B. Natural Gas Supply Chain Workshop, Energy Utility Partnerships Program (EUPP), US Energy Association (USEA), Arusha, Tanzania.

Coburn, T., 2014. Energy infrastructure: progress, needs, challenges, & opportunities in India and comparative economies. International Conference on Energy & Infrastructure, Ahmedabad, India.