Eric Quiroz finds perfect fit in TU’s energy management program

Houston native and TU sophomore Eric Quiroz originally set his sights on attending a big state school, but a family friend convinced him to give The University of Tulsa a closer look. “My parents and I fell in love with TU,” said Quiroz.

Though he originally set out to major in petroleum engineering, after meeting with an adviser, Quiroz decided on the energy management program. “I’m more of a people person and am interested in the business side of the petroleum industry,” he said.

Quiroz plans to work as a landman, a position responsible for negotiating business deals between mineral owners and energy service owners. “You’re essentially the face of the company,” explains Quiroz, “in trying to secure the rights for your company to drill on someone’s property.” He cites the program’s oil and gas, commercial transactions and commodities transactions classes as beneficial to learning the ins and outs of the industry.

He also notes the emphasis TU places on securing internships, even as freshmen and sophomores. Though Quiroz admits it can prove an intimidating process as a freshman, the Collins College of Business offers plenty of tools such as mock interviews and résumé workshops to help students prepare. “You apply, companies select you for an interview, and you just go and give it your all,” said Quiroz.

His hard work paid off; he earned a land internship last summer in Conoco Phillips’ Houston office. “I assisted in negotiations with surface owners, helped my mentor with right-of-way agreements, well pad sites and negotiations for land acquisitions,” he said. “I also helped develop a program to gather surface documents and make it easier to access them.” Quiroz returned to Houston this summer for another internship with Conoco Phillips.

Quiroz balances academics with extracurricular activities including University Ambassadors, the Tulsa Energy Management Student Association (TEMSA), playing lacrosse and enjoying Greek life.

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