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Business Math and Statistics

Statistics and mathematical skills play important role in helping business leaders understand key functions within and external to a company. In addition to standard spreadsheets, simple averages and distribution, this course introduces business forecasting techniques, decision modeling and Excel tools. Chapters include:

  • Business math, including basic algebra, and topics such as contribution margin and breakeven.
  • Forecasting and simple averages, moving averages and weighted averages.
  • Regression analysis, beginning with simple regression and advancing to multiple regression, plus coefficient of determination, degrees of freedom, residuals and zero-one variables.
  • Probability concepts from simple to probability distributions with an emphasis on the Normal Distribution. An appendix on sampling follows Chapter 4.
  • Overview of decision analysis, with emphasis on decision modeling on construction and interpretation of decision trees.
  • Introduction to Excel, including spreadsheets using formulas and functions such As IF and AUTOSUM.

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