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Excel for MBA Students

This course was developed for MBAs in response to the need for Excel functions that would typically be used throughout an MBA program. This course is a series of digitized videos where the instructor reviews each function. The student will also be given a spreadsheet that is used to follow along and practice each function after viewing it on screen. After completing each section, the student completes a quiz along with a comprehensive module final exam. The module is divided into 4 sections: Basics, Manipulating Data, Analyzing Data and Statistics. Functions in this course include:


  • Add or delete a column
  • Add or delete a row
  • Adding a worksheet
  • Adjusting a row height
  • Copy
  • Formatting a cell
  • Formatting numbers
  • Formulas – letter
  • Formulas parentheses
  • Linking a cell
  • Locking a cell
  • Paste
  • Paste special
  • Selecting a range

Manipulating Data

  • Average
  • Charting
  • Max
  • Min
  • Printing
  • Sort Data
  • SUM

Analyzing Data

  • Data tables
  • Goal seek
  • Hardcoding numbers
  • Multiple regression
  • Pivot tables
  • Solver


  • AND Function
  • Binomial Distribution
  • IF
  • IRR
  • Normal distribution
  • NPV
  • Standard deviation
  • Trend
  • Variance

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GBP Foundation Course: Excel for MBA Students

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