MBA in Health Care Delivery Sciences - Collins College of Business

The MBA in Health Care Delivery Sciences (MBA-HCDS) is unique. It emphasizes population health, social determinants of health, communication skills and community disparities, providing the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead and manage a health care organization in a changing and competitive environment. The program provides a true balance of emphasis on core business knowledge with a strong background in issues related to health policy and community health.

Program Highlights

  • Benefits both clinicians and non-clinicians
  • Explores the interface between health status and social determinants of health, and the connection with a well-run health care organization
  • Interdisciplinary effort between faculty in the Oxley College of Health Sciences and the Collins College of Business​
  • Students will develop a firm level of understanding of key business functions: accounting, finance, management, marketing, computer information systems, global economy and supply chain management
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge about current and anticipated ways that health care delivery systems function and interact with the populations and communities they serve
  • Students will apply core business knowledge, interdisciplinary and analytic thinking skills when evaluating health care delivery issues

〉Program requirements in the Course Bulletin

  • Foundation Courses

    Students in need of foundation coursework may enroll in the following courses prior to beginning the core curriculum or participate in an online, condensed version of the course, offered by The University of Tulsa. Foundation courses may be waived, subject to transcript review.

    BL 2013 Legal Environment of Global Business
    QM 2013 Statistical Analysis
    ECON 2013 Macroeconomics
    ECON 2023 Microeconomics
    *Math Proficiency

    *Student must demonstrate math proficiency at the basic calculus level.

  • Core Curriculum (30 Hours)

    Students complete all courses.

    MBA 7003 Preparing, Understanding and Using Financial Statements
    MBA 7013 Financial Management
    MBA 7023 Leading and Managing Organizations
    MBA 7053 Marketing Management
    HCDS 7013 Essentials in US Health Care Policy
    HCDS 7023 Population Health
    HCDS 7033 The Science of Health Care Delivery
    HCDS 7043 Strategic Planning in Health Care
    HCDS 7053 Quality Improvement Science in Health Care
    HCDS 7110 Capstone Project (Every Fall and Spring Semester for Duration of Program)
  • Elective Courses (6 Hours)

    Elective courses vary each semester and may require additional prerequisite courses. Examples of elective courses include, but are not limited to:

    CS 6643 Bioinformatics
    CIS 6073 Information Security
    DNP 9023 Medical Informatics
    LAW 5613 Bioethics and Law
    LAW 5352 Insurance Law
    MBA 7073 Computer Information Systems
    MBA 7123 Human Resource Management
    PSY 6223 Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
    PSY 7003 Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychopharmacology
    PSY 7053 Psychometrics
    PSY 7063 Human Behavior
    QM 7073 Fundamentals of Business Analytics