Graduate Business Scholarships - Collins College of Business

Graduate Business Scholarships

Four out of five of our graduate business students receive some form of financial assistance, either through scholarships, graduate assistantships or company tuition reimbursement.

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are available to applicants who apply before the rolling admission deadlines. Merit scholarships are awarded based on your undergraduate grade-point average, work experience, previous graduate degree (if applicable) and graduate business program faculty input. You can earn a merit scholarship of up to 25% of tuition costs.

Dean’s Scholarships

Dean’s scholarships are specialty scholarships awarded by the Collins College of Business that you may apply for in order to receive up to 75% of tuition costs. Dean’s scholarships are stackable with your merit scholarship award. There are three types of dean’s scholarships:

  1. Dean’s Excellence Scholarship
    Awards up to 75% of tuition to highly recognized students who achieve superior scores on the GMAT exam, showcase excellent previous academic performance and rigor, demonstrate quality writing skills and more. The GMAT exam is a requirement for consideration. Collins College will provide reimbursement of up to $545 for GMAT preparation.
  2. Dean’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Scholarship
    Awards up to 75% of tuition to students who plan to use their education for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging purposes. You must demonstrate unique and creative intentions for unique backgrounds and/or educational applications for great societal impact.
  3. Dean’s Need-Based Scholarship
    Awards up to 75% of tuition to students experiencing hardship or who make a particular case of need. You must characterize the need through an explanation of circumstances and goals for the use of educational benefits.

The various scholarship opportunities listed above are stackable up to a full tuition scholarship throughout your Collins College experience. Talk with one of our advisers and let them show you just how affordable The University of Tulsa can be.