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Investment Portfolio Challenge 2022 - Team Registration Form

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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Forming Your Team: Teams must be sponsored by a university or college. Up to two teams may represent an institution.

Each team:

  1. Must consist of undergraduate, graduate, or a combination of undergraduate and graduate students;
  2. Must consist of no fewer than three and no more than six members; and
  3. Each team may avail themselves of one faculty advisor. The faculty advisor must be currently employed as a faculty member by the team’s sponsoring institution.

Each team member must:

  1. Complete the official registration form, listing all team members in one form;
  2. Be a currently enrolled college or university student in an undergraduate or graduate program at the sponsoring university at the time of the local level kickoff meeting, and
  3. Be registered for at least a part-time course load, as defined by his or her university, at the time of the local level kickoff