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Mazzio’s Pizza Box Design Challenge

pizza box design challenge
What creative ideas can you come up with for repurposing a bunch of (clean) pizza boxes?  Use your creativity skills to design something innovative and that creates value for the user. Compete against other TU teams for a year’s worth of free pizza from Mazzio’s.


The Prizes

1st place prizes: 12 Large Specialty or up to 4-topping pizzas for each member of the team

2nd place prizes: 12 Large 1-topping pizzas for each member of the team

3rd place prizes: 6 Large 1-topping pizzas for each member of the team

“Participation Goodies” for all who enter the competition!

The Challenge

  1. Find your team. Teams can have 2-4 students and the team members must represent at least two different colleges. Use the power of such diversity to challenge your team to create something that is creative, unique, and functional.
  2. Register by March 10. Pick a team leader and a creative name for your team.
  3. Pick up pizza boxes. One member from each team needs to pick up a maximum of 10 pizza boxes between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9 or Thursday, March 10 in Studio Blue, which is in Helmerich Hall, room 200-D. Teams are invited to use this design space when researching and constructing their designs. You will need your student ID to enter the room. If you need a few additional boxes, they will be available in Studio Blue after spring break.
  4. Get creative. Your creation must be designed using only cardboard pizza boxes. However, some embellishment of other materials is allowed to enhance the functionally or design of your product.
  5. Make a video. Record your journey of discovery and construction. You are asked to submit a short, 2-minute YouTube video that will be viewed by the judges along with your submission. The video should help the judges appreciate/understand your inspirational journey. You can email the video link, with the name of your team in the subject line to  Please include the names of the students who participated in the project. It is possible that some team members who were initially registered decided not to participate.
  6. Turn in designs. All designs must be delivered to Studio Blue between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 25. Videos are also due at that time. Participation goodies will be distributed to all participants who attend.
  7. Judges review designs. Designs will be graded on Uniqueness/Ingenuity (10 points) and Usefulness (5 points) and additional points (5 points) at the discretion of the judges. Judges will be selected from TU and Tulsa community.

The winners of the competition will be announced at the TU Day of Innovation to be held in Helmerich Hall on Thursday, April 21, from 4:30 – 7 p.m. Winners will be notified in advance. At least one member of each team is expected to be present to accept the award. All participants all invited to attend the activities at the Day of Innovation.

Registration Form

Sign up by March 9!

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Note: The team leader will receive communications from us during the competition. It is the team leader's responsibility to share all communications with the other team members and to be sure the team meets the competition deadlines.

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