Letter from the Assistant Dean: CCB, August 2023 - Collins College of Business

Letter from the Assistant Dean: CCB, August 2023

Photograph of Dontae Doughty
Dontae Doughty
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Dear esteemed stakeholders and donors,

I trust this message finds you well and ready to embrace the upcoming academic year at Collins College of Business. In my role as the assistant dean of undergraduate programs, I am privileged to stand alongside our dean in extending a heartfelt and enthusiastic welcome to each of you.

As the fall semester approaches, it brings with it a sense of renewal, fresh possibilities, and the opportunity to embark on new academic and personal adventures. With the dean’s inspiring words setting the tone for the remarkable journey ahead, I wish to emphasize that Collins College of Business is committed to being a steadfast support system throughout your engagement with us, whether you’re stepping onto our campus for the first time or returning as a valued donor and supporter.

To stay engaged and well-informed throughout the semester, be on the lookout for our newsletters, engaging workshops, enlightening guest speaker events, and other exciting opportunities. Your active participation will ensure you derive the utmost value from your association with the college.

Once again, I extend a heartfelt welcome to the extended Collins College of Business family – our esteemed stakeholders and donors. I am incredibly excited to collaborate with you as we journey through this semester together, united in our pursuit of knowledge, growth, and a brighter future.

Here’s to an exceptional start to the fall semester!

Warm regards,

Dontae Doughty
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs