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Department of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Organizations do not manage themselves, and the skills necessary for good management are not inherent – they must be learned and developed over time. The University of Tulsa’s management degree program helps students learn these skills and offers specializations in business law, innovation and entrepreneurship, human resource management, and sport management. Our approach heavily emphasizes hands-on experience. To succeed in an increasingly competitive international arena, students must be able to apply the knowledge they gain in class to an organizational setting. Management students gain practical experience through internships for course credit that involve working in either for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Internships are viewed as an integral part of a student’s education. TU also has partnerships with several universities in various parts of the world, and students can participate in summer internships abroad.

Management professionals formulate the policies and direct the operations of corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies – or chart their own path by pursuing new ventures as entrepreneurs. The four specializations offered are designed to help students tailor their educational experience. The business law specialization was created in response to a real need in the business sector for graduates with a broader background in law and can help students prepare for law school. The innovation and entrepreneurship specialization helps students understand the process of innovation and the development of an enterprise. Special attention is given to the importance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset. The specialization in human resource management was designed to help students develop the skills needed to handle positions in human resource departments, including hiring, training and development, performance evaluation, and employee retention. The specialization in sport management was created to help students gain a deeper understanding of the role that sports play in commerce, and focuses on the intersection between sport, commerce, and culture.

The TU Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) within The University of Tulsa’s Collins College of Business is designed to drive student, faculty and alumni commercialization and venture creation. Through education, community partnerships, venture funding and resources the CIE will support innovation and advance entrepreneurship on campus and in the broader TU community. The CIE will raise $10MM to build the entrepreneurship ecosystem at TU including the Hurricane Venture Fund, Cane Venture Studio, and additional co-curricular programming through JOLT@TU Business.

JOLT@TU Business is an inspiring space and community in The University of Tulsa’s Collins College of Business. Launched in Fall 2022, the Jolt Center provides high-level programming for entrepreneurship, innovation, and the future of work. Home of the Creativity Club and Nova Fellows, Jolt focuses on developing students holistically to be future problem solvers, corporate innovators, and entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing business environment. In connection with the new Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Jolt creates student programming related to entrepreneurship while providing one-on-one mentorship to prospective student entrepreneurs. Jolt programs, including the Creativity Club and Nova Fellows, are open to all TU majors, regardless of discipline or college. As a provider of co-curricular programming, many Jolt programs are connected to courses in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor. We encourage you to get involved with the Creativity Club early and consider enrolling in MKT 2013 – Creativity and Innovation to get your academic journey started. Follow us on Instagram @Joltcenter or via email at