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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

Entrepreneurship requires a wide range of skills: problem solving, creative thinking, leadership, communications, planning, integration, organization and collaboration. Companies also value employees proficient in these areas – especially those who can creatively identify, frame and solve complex problems. GovCup-Putter

To equip students to excel as entrepreneurs or team members who create enormous worth for organizations, the Collins College of Business now offers an innovation and entrepreneurship minor open to students enrolled in any major.

Through collaborative experiences and unique learning opportunities, students enrolled in the innovation and entrepreneurship minor will:

  • Study creativity and innovation frameworks, tools and techniques
  • Learn to move beyond critical thinking to incorporate creative, innovative, design and strategic thinking
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Develop leadership and followership skills
  • Develop lean analysis and related skills that apply to startup and established enterprise environments
  • Understand how creative and entrepreneurial leadership skills help grow and sustain startups and existing enterprises
  • Examine enterprise design and evolution, through development of business models
  • Explore strategy and leadership skills that can move a startup to a stable enterprise and beyond

NOVA-fellowsStudents begin the 15-hour program in their sophomore year and complete it during their senior year. After taking three fundamental courses, students can choose two additional courses to specialize in business, social or technology entrepreneurship.

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