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International Business Undergraduate Programs

As companies expand into new markets, managers must understand the cultures of global stakeholders. TU’s international business and language major combines foreign language competency and course work in international business in a business degree. The international business program is designed to educate students in all areas of business—accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and computer information systems—because the international business profession involves interaction with all these areas. A comprehensive business foundation combined with an understanding of cultural nuances enable graduates to compete successfully in an international arena.

Access to convenient international travel and instant communication technologies have virtually eliminated perceptual and real distance between countries. In many parts of the world, political borders have become irrelevant while proficiency in two or more languages is increasingly the norm in the business arena. This degree provides an exceptional opportunity for students to attain the necessary tools to compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

The major in international business and language combines three components: business foundations and functional areas of international business; greater familiarity with cultural imperatives; and advanced training in French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian or American Sign Language (ASL) studies. Students almost complete coursework equivalent to a language major as part of the International Business and Language program.

The language component is designed to enable students to develop a high level of communicative proficiency and cultural literacy in preparation for using the target language in their professional lives.

With more than 60 countries represented on the TU campus each semester, international business majors have the opportunity to compare cultural practices and their impact on business in many countries. Exchange students from China, Germany, France, Russia, Switzerland, Ireland, Latin America and Africa provide an excellent resource of native speakers and comparative cultures as well.

International business majors may apply to live in Language House, an on-campus apartment complex populated with native speakers and other motivated students trying to master target language fluency and raising cultural literacy and sensitivity.

  • Program Learning Outcomes
    1. Demonstrate proficiency in a target language (Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish).
    2. Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of multiple national economies, political and legal systems, and regulatory bodies on firm management and performance.
    3. Demonstrate an understanding of how culture impacts business, with a specific understanding of the culture where the student’s target language is the dominant language.
  • Program Options


    Combines the business core, emphasis on international business and language proficiency in French, German or Spanish.


    A dual degree program that offers students the opportunity to earn a degree in an engineering or science discipline and a degree in a language.


    Designed for business majors and combines a competency in a modern foreign language, international business courses and selected electives addressing economics, international relations and cultural awareness and understanding.

  • Typical Four-Year Schedule
    Exposition and ArgumentationFree Elective
    Beginning Language I*Beginning Language II
    Math Analysis and ApplicationsBusiness Calculus
    Block I – Aesthetic Inquiry & Creative ExperienceBlock I – Aesthetic Inquiry & Creative Experience
    Block I – Aesthetic Inquiry and Creative ExperienceGeneral Education Elective
    Business Orientation & Planning for Success
    Macroeconomics (Block II)Microeconomics (Block II)
    Concepts in Accounting Information IConcepts in Accounting Information II
    Statistics IStatistics II
    Intermediate Language I (Block II)Intermediate Language II (Block II)
    Block III – Scientific Investigation (with lab)Legal Environment of Business
    Business FinanceOrganization & Management
    Principles of MarketingIntroduction to CIS
    Comparative Culture and International BusinessInternational Economics
    Language (upper division)Language (upper division)
    Operations ManagementLanguage (upper division
    Language (upper division)Language (upper division)
    Language (upper division)Language (upper division)
    Language (upper division or study abroad)Language (upper division)
    Writing for the ProfessionsGeneral Education Elective (upper level)
    International Business FinanceAdministrative Policy & Decision Making
    *An online placement exam allows students to commence their language study at a level that matches their proficiency. Language proficiency through the intermediate level is a prerequisite for upper division courses. Credit for a lower-level class may be granted to students who start at an advanced level.