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Marketing Undergraduate Programs

Marketing professionals solve a fundamental problem — how to connect a product or service to its customers. In a marketplace crowded with millions of messages, ideas must be innovative to grab the attention of consumers. Marketing majors develop communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills in the classroom and have opportunities to gain hands-on experience with real-world clients. The University of Tulsa’s marketing degree program helps students learn these skills and offers specialization in global supply chain management and digital marketing and analytics.

Marketing professionals listen to the needs and desires of consumers, and then develop goods and services for the marketplace and the systems to promote and distribute those goods and services. Marketing students combine marketing knowledge, analytical and creative problem-solving skills, an interest in people and a tolerance for the constantly shifting marketplace. Those with an affinity for creativity, strategy and teamwork will work alongside an encouraging faculty in the marketing program at The University of Tulsa.

Students in the marketing program gain practical experience in the classroom by interacting with local businesses to develop case studies, collect market data, analyze a company’s marketing strategy and develop recommendations.

Studio Blue, TU’s creative greenhouse, encourages innovation and problem solving in a free-flowing environment equipped with mobile furniture, magnetic and dry-erase walls, a viewing room for focus groups and other brainstorming tools.

Marketing students can also participate in internships that involve working in either for-profit or not-for-profit organizations for course credit. Internships are considered an integral part of a students’ education. The marketing program is designed to educate students in all areas of business—accounting, economics, finance, management, international business and computer information systems—because the marketing profession involves interaction with all these areas.

To expand opportunities in an increasingly international marketplace, the Collins College of Business offers an international business minor. The international business minor combines internationally oriented business courses with the level of business sophistication and cultural sensitivity needed to succeed in a diverse global marketplace.

  • Program Learning Outcomes
    1. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of major marketing concepts such as consumer decision-making, segmenting markets and marketing strategies to address segments, customer relationship management, and market analysis.
    2. Apply these marketing concepts to address marketing problems faced by organizations.
  • Program Options


    The marketing major equips students with cutting-edge concepts in marketing and provides the opportunity to develop creative problem-solving and communications skills. The program prepares students to serve as leaders in the marketing and sales departments of domestic and international firms through hands-on, real-world projects.

    • Global Supply Chain Management – Focuses on global supply chain logistics, operations, design and administration.
    • Digital Marketing and Analytics – Students will learn how to analyze marketing data to help make decisions about market segmentation and target market selection; new product and service development; product positioning; and allocation of marketing mix expenditures to accomplish objectives.


    The marketing minor may be pursued by any student who wishes to develop their expertise in marketing beyond that which is required for their major field of study.

  • Typical Four-Year Schedule
    Exposition and ArgumentationForeign Language
    Foreign LanguageBusiness Calculus
    Block I – Aesthetic Inquiry & Creative ExperienceBasic Calculus
    Math Analysis and ApplicationsBlock II – Historical & Social Interpretation
    Business Information TechnologyBlock III – Scientific Investigation
    Macroeconomics (Block II)Microeconomics (Block II)
    Concepts in Accounting Information IConcepts in Accounting Information II
    Statistics IStatistics II
    Block I – Aesthetic Inquiry and Creative ExperienceLegal Environment of Business
    Block III – Scientific InvestigationBlock II – Historical & Social Interpretation
    Business FinanceOrganization and Management
    Principles of MarketingIntroduction to CIS
    Operations ManagementConsumer Behavior
    General Education ElectiveGeneral Education Elective
    Free ElectiveMarketing Elective
    Marketing ResearchMarketing Management
    Writing for the ProfessionsMarketing Elective
    Marketing ElectiveGeneral Education Elective (upper division)
    Marketing InternshipAdministration Policy and Decision Making
    General Education ElectiveFree Elective (upper level)
    Free Elective (upper level)