MEB alumni share program’s value, benefits

Lieutenant Anthony “Will” Ammerman, U.S. Navy

Lieutenant Anthony “Will” Ammerman is an active duty Naval Flight Officer who has served in the U.S. Navy for more than seven years. He was commissioned as a Naval Officer through the Officer Candidate School program in Newport, RI, in November of 2010. Upon commissioning, he reported to Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fl., where he completed Introductory Flight Screening, Aviation Preflight Indoctrination, and Primary Flight Training in the Cessna 172 and T-6A Texan II. After successfully completing Primary Flight Training, he reported to the Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Seven (VQ-7, “Roughnecks”) in January, 2012, located at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. After 9 months of rigorous syllabus events and training flights onboard the Navy’s E-6B Mercury, he received his “Wings of Gold” in September, 2012. LT Ammerman then transferred to the “Shadows” of VQ-4 in October 2012, where he flew numerous mission flights while on deployment, logging over 1700 flight hours in our nation’s defense through strategic nuclear deterrence. In February of 2016, LT Ammerman was hand-picked to lead the development and certification of tactics and operations of the entire U.S. Navy’s E-6B fleet. While an instructor at the Weapons Tactics School, he led the Fleet Operations department in the daily employment of the Weapons System Trainer and Mission Avionics System Trainer.

Prior to his military service, Ammerman completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Communications from Lamar University in 2007. Upon graduation, he worked as an oil and gas investment broker for Tricrest Energy Group and Domestic Development Company until 2010.

Ammerman completed his Master of Energy Business degree from The University of Tulsa in 2017. He says, “Receiving my MEB degree afforded the opportunity to capitalize on a tremendous networking base, comprising highly skilled energy-centric industry professionals. The MEB program also prepared me to become a better manager, while providing a greater understanding of the big picture. I am ultimately a better manager and leader because of the MEB program.”

Branden Kennedy, Laredo Petroleum

Branden Kennedy has served as vice president of capital markets at Laredo Petroleum in Tulsa since October of 2016. He joined Laredo in October of 2008 and has held positions including manager of investor relations, director of capital markets and director of corporate finance. He also serves on the board of directors of Medallion Midstream LLC. Prior to joining Laredo, Kennedy worked as a management consultant for Fortune 500 financial services organizations including Bank of America, USAA and Wells Fargo. He completed bachelor of science and MBA degrees at Oklahoma State University and completed his Master of Energy Business degree at TU in 2015.

Of his time at TU, Kennedy says, “TU’s Master of Energy Business program offers a degree targeted toward professionals currently employed in or looking to enter the energy industries. The program offers unique opportunities for advancing professionals’ knowledge base, challenging students to think beyond their comfort zone and providing networking opportunities with like-minded, energy focused professionals.”

Garrett Kimbell, Tana Exploration Company

Garrett Kimbell has served as vice president, land and business development at Tana Exploration Company LLC in Dallas since September of 2015.  Prior to joining Tana, he worked as a senior landman for O’Brien Energy Company, EOG Resources and Athlon Energy/Encana. Garrett completed his undergraduate degree at Louisiana State University and his Master of Energy Business degree in 2014.

“TU’s Master of Energy Business program offers a unique opportunity to expand your network of highly motivated business professionals across the entire industry,” says Kimbell. “The program gave me the industry knowledge and helped forge the skillset that allowed me to break through into the management level that I am at today.”

Robert Joe, Navajo Nation

Robert Joe is the chief operating officer for the Navajo Nation office of the President and Vice President in Window Rock, Ariz., a position he has held since May of 2015. He is a business leader with more than 24 years of experience in aerospace defense technology, strategy management and oil and gas business leadership. Prior to the Navajo Nation, Joes’ career path included serving as managing director for Towerhouse Business Group LLC, chief executive officer for Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company, site executive for Raytheon Missile Systems Company and as a business coach.

Joe holds a Master of Energy Business from The University of Tulsa and a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Arizona State University. “The TU education and experience could not have come at a better time”, he says. Because the largest coal fired power plant in the western United States is situated on the Navajo Nation, Joe’s work directly involves understanding the economics of the operation.