For Muneeb Yousufi, student support a hallmark of energy management program

For Muneeb Yousufi, student support a hallmark of energy management program

Although he grew up in Tulsa, sophomore Muneeb Yousufi didn’t know much about energy management before he arrived at TU. He had declared finance as his major, but after talking to a good friend who recommended the Energy Management program, he did some research and attended a Tulsa Energy Management Student Association (TEMSA) meeting. “I learned about what the program had to offer me,” he says, “and I applied and was accepted to the program.”

Yousufi, who chose to specialize in the midstream track because it complements his study of finance, hopes to one day work for an oil and gas company, where he can use the skills from both of his majors. He has secured a summer internship with Tulsa-based Waterfield Energy Software, a company that specializes in software for the downstream, midstream and upstream sectors. “I’ll be working as a business analyst intern to help determine clients’ energy software needs and also help implement the software into their systems to improve efficiencies.”

Double-majoring in energy management and finance has proved beneficial for Yousufi. “You get different perspectives on anything you’re working on,” he says. “You can see things from an oil and gas perspective, as well as from the financial side. It also introduces you to a different way of thinking on a variety of issues from different lenses. The value of that is incredibly helpful.” He encourages other students to add a second major if their schedules allow.

As a sophomore, Yousufi has already taken advantage of the scholarship and networking opportunities offered to energy management students. The program partners with a number of energy companies that provide scholarships to outstanding students in addition to internships and employment following graduation. “It’s absolutely great that these organizations give scholarships to students so they can further their education in the energy industry,” he says. “For me, it means a lot.”

Yousufi has two younger brothers and hopes to independently cover his tuition to allow his siblings to have additional opportunities to further their own educations. “I’m really grateful that I received scholarships that will be a big help for me this next year.”

Yousufi values TU’s faculty support, especially in the Energy Management program. “[Program director] Tom Seng is incredibly helpful in sending us emails about scholarships and internships we can apply for,” Yousufi says. “His office is always open for you to ask his opinion about classes or schedules.” The department also keeps students informed about current events and conferences. “Everyone in that department has been a huge help, and they provide a great resource for those in the program.”

Yousufi also has found a strong sense of community at TU, particularly through his involvement in TEMSA. He has served as chair of philanthropy for the organization, as well as treasurer and secretary of the Student Finance Association. He is also a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and volunteers for the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma and Habitat for Humanity among others. “It’s important to be involved in philanthropy,” he says, “because not everyone is given the same opportunities. I am lucky to have grown up in a household that valued education, but not everyone has that opportunity. Giving back to the community is one way I can help to make the world a better place.”

As an incoming freshman, Yousufi says orientation week helped him transition to life on a college campus. “If it weren’t for that week, I might not know as many people as I know now,” he says. “It pushed me outside of my comfort zone. That first week was critical in making friends and becoming involved.”

His advice for new students is to embrace stepping outside their own comfort zones. “Join different organizations and get involved. I didn’t join TEMSA for the scholarships, but the opportunity presented itself because I joined. You can’t see those opportunities unless you put yourself in a position to.”