My CCB Story: Andrew McKinnis (BSBA ’19, MBA ’20) - Collins College of Business

My CCB Story: Andrew McKinnis (BSBA ’19, MBA ’20)

Written by Andrew McKinnis, BSBA ’19, MBA ’20 and current analyst for Advantage Capital


Thinking back on what the Collins College of Business means to me, I find it impossible to separate my current self from the impact that the faculty, curriculum, and culture had upon me in my time there.

When I first arrived, the professors took in a clueless kid. Over the next four and a half years, they continually invested their time and effort into giving direction and all the skills and knowledge necessary for success. I remember office hours conversations with Jennifer Bennett in my final undergrad term that set me down a path leading to my current position. Brice Collier served as my professor and advocate countless times and ultimately served as my reference for Advantage. Tom Seng, whom I worked under as a GA, displayed such a commitment to the success of his students and routinely would put his reputation behind them if it could help them reach their goals. These conversations and commitment between students and renowned professors are rare in the collegiate and professional arenas. At Tulsa, they are a staple of every student’s experience.

The intellectual product that CCB creates in their students is something that I take incredible pride in and believe puts our students at a competitive level with the best. The quality correlates to the relationships between students and professors and a developed curriculum built upon rigor, creativity, and application in industry. Dr. Mike Troilo had such an ability to take complex, cross-border concepts and bring them down to a level where we could grasp them to develop solutions that were far beyond what anyone would expect of a group in their 20s. My fondest academic memory might be with Tally Ferguson and the Student Investment Fund, where students manage a considerable amount of investments through direct application of lessons learned, all while under the leadership of an established professional. Looking back now as a professional, I cannot think of a better development than my time working in SIF with Tally.

All told, the CCB brought out the best of me because that is what is required. From its professors, students, alumni, and everything a part of it, CCB has a culture that demands the best.

These lessons learned, relationships created, and memories made in Helmerich Hall continue with me, as does my pride in being an alum.