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Orientation at Tulsa

Another one of my favorite memories was orientation week. Orientation week allowed me to quickly get accommodated to normal life here at The University of Tulsa. My experience in high school was completely different than my experience at The University of Tulsa. The transition from high school to college can be difficult, and orientation week was an immense help during this time. The icebreakers, seminars, and other activities helped me get used to life here at The University of Tulsa. Orientation week also helped me adjust to the level of material and course load of the classes here at The University of Tulsa. Without orientation week, the transition from the workload in high school to the workload in college would have been much more difficult. It also would have been difficult to adjust to life in the city of Tulsa, since I grew up in a very small rural town in Oklahoma. During orientation week, I met a lot of the people in my graduating class. My sister is currently a freshman at The University of Tulsa and she loved orientation week as well. Orientation week allows students to quickly get to know and form connections with their classmates. I still talk to many of the people I met during orientation week. 

by Landon A