SIF at a Glance - Collins College of Business

SIF at a Glance


  • The SIF was established in 1997
  • The fund currently manages approximately $6,000,000 in assets
  • The purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to obtain real-world experience in managing investment portfolios
  • Students apply financial theories and models in making real investment decisions and manage a real portfolio of financial assets

Class Structure

  • Membership-only class
  • Comprised of 15-20 students
  • Next class selected by existing members
  • Membership application available online
  • A hands-on approach to money management
  • Security selection and analyses
  • Industry analyses
  • Asset allocation
  • Risk management
  • Exposure to investment professionals

Benefits of SIF Membership

  • Taking part in one of the most unique and innovative classes at TU
  • Real world investment experience
  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Interaction with a diverse student body
  • Project management experience
  • Resume builder
  • Networking opportunities

Application Guidelines

  • Application must be completed
  • Pre-requisites must be met

SIF Structure

An advisory board guides the Student Investment Fund organization and the faculty adviser and the student executive officer report to the advisory board. The four executive committees include: macro economic committee; portfolio, accounting and risk committee; marketing and public relations committee; and operations/MIS committee.

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