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The Best Worst Start to College

I entered the University of Tulsa as a freshman in the fall of 2019. Several weeks into my first semester, I started feeling sick. It was my birthday, and several newly acquainted friends had joined me in my dorm for a small celebration. Thinking I had a stomachache, I asked them to leave so I could rest. However, laying in my bed, my lower abdomen was spasming and pain started escalating. As the pain increased, my parents advised me to go to the health center in the morning, but I couldn’t fall asleep and by 3am I couldn’t even stand up straight. With my roommate sound asleep several feet from me I ordered an Uber to the ER.

By the time I arrived the pain was so intense I couldn’t even remember my social security number or parents phone numbers. After a dosage of morphine and several tests, I was diagnosed with appendicitis.   

There was no on-call surgeon at 4am (makes sense, right?), so I was rushed to the surgical hospital down the street. As I was pushed into emergency surgery, I texted a friend that I wouldn’t be attending the first meeting for a club I had recently joined. By the time I woke up, I had over 20 texts from numbers I didn’t recognize – all members of this organization I had never met before reaching out to see how I was doing.

While in recovery, people visited me, brought me food, and one member even contacted my teachers to explain the situation and secure extensions for all my assignments.   

While I don’t wish an emergency appendectomy three weeks into college on anyone, the kindness and friendship displayed by the Tulsa community is one that I hope everyone gets to experience.

by Brett B