TU’s School of Energy hosts MLP conference

Pinnacle Investment Advisors presented its fourth annual Tulsa Master Limited Partnership Conference Nov. 12, 2015 on The University of Tulsa campus. The event, which brings together leading industry experts, company executives and investors to meet and network, was co-sponsored by TU’s School of Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce and Ernst & Young.

Tulsa is home to a number of Master Limited Partnerships, which are publicly traded limited partnerships. Pinnacle established the conference in 2012 to bring together industry speakers who offer differing viewpoints on challenges that affect MLPs. More than 200 energy professionals, faculty members and students attended this year’s sessions, which addressed investment strategies, accounting and financial management best practices, economic development trends and legislative policies. Conference speakers included executives representing Shell Midstream, SemGroup/Rose Rock, Magellan Midstream and the Master Limited Partnership Association.

Mike Umbro, principal at San Diego-based FieldView Capital and a student in TU’s Master of Energy Business program, saw the conference as a unique opportunity to learn from what he considers to be the best minds in the world of MLPs. “The panel of experts that spoke to attendees provided an array of insights into past and future performance, and more importantly, the reasons why we see the MLP space developing in the market as it is.” Umbro adds, “The company presentations were led by CEOs of some of the top performers in the space, providing an inside look at strategy, acquisition and management decisions. I would recommend the Tulsa MLP Conference to investors, industry professionals and regulators who are interested in strengthening their knowledge of the legal structure and financial performance of MLPs. I definitely plan to attend in 2016 and beyond.”

Matt Adams, business development manager for Bioethanol Holdings in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and also an MEB student, notes one of his biggest takeaways from the conference was gaining a deeper understanding of the role MLPs play in the country’s energy infrastructure. “The MLP structure is more than a tax advantage. The MLP model has been a key building block in the creation of the vast web of energy infrastructure in our country.” Adams said he appreciated the discussions around the ongoing structural developments of the MLP at the governmental level as well as guidance on the fundamental health of energy driven MLP’s in today’s strained energy price environment. “The conference provided an outstanding blend of MLP professionals who gave in-depth perspectives on general MLP structure, tax advantages and the policy that supports the increasingly creative business mechanism.”

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