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TU’s accounting programs named among best in the country has named The University of Tulsa one of the best accounting programs in the country. The undergraduate program is ranked No. 40 on the Best Bachelor’s in Accounting Programs list and the graduate program is No. 41 on the Best Master’s in Accounting Programs list. Criteria for selection included academic rigor, commitment to student success and student satisfaction.

For nearly 20 years, has been a trusted source for accounting resources and job searches. The site expanded in 2015 to include education information, scholarship opportunities and career overviews.

With an increasingly global economy, greater scrutiny of financial data and an expected gap in the workforce due to retiring baby boomers, demand for accountants is on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 13 percent growth rate for accountants between now and 2022.

Collins College of Business undergraduate accounting majors had a 97 percent job placement rate in 2014. Students graduating with the Master of Accountancy degree have had 100 percent job placement since the program’s inception in 2012.

Jobs in accounting are plentiful and diverse. Accountants fight white-collar crime, steer businesses toward financial success and help individuals make smart decisions with their money. Students who pursue a degree in accounting step into one of the most critical business functions.

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