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Woman in Business

For me it has always been important to understand how, as a woman, I could make an impact in the world, and I believe that there is nothing more global than love and business. Everywhere we go, we find those things. When I traveled fifteen thousand miles away from home, I committed to understand the concepts behind every organization that make our world go around. Throughout my time in the Collins College of Business I have had the opportunity to exchange cultural perspectives, take on leadership roles and grow as a young professional, simultaneously.

In every class there is an opportunity to learn beyond what is in the syllabus. I have this vivid memory of a Strategic Management class where we were tasked to come up with an expansion plan for a cellular company. My team and I produced so many possibilities because each one had different backgrounds and approached the same concept differently. I remember feeling enlightened and valued. It was never a matter of being right or wrong, but to, as a team, come together to make an important decision that would impact everyone.

Luyana Franco poses with graduation cap in front of Kendall BellI have been part of many organizations on campus. Information Technologist United, University Ambassadors and others, and this year I am committed to serve as the Philanthropy Officer for the Women in Business club. Being able to use my organization resources to directly impact my community will always be more than an extracurricular activity for me. Very often, businesses fail to care for those who directly support them. By taking this role I can do it differently and bring the warmest connections between businesses and people. That is the power of a woman in business.

All those experiences contributed to the professional I am today and set the tone to who I am to become. By the end of this year, I will be holding my diploma of Master of Science in Business Analytics. To be an analyst is to stop and observe. To think of solutions before problems occur. It is to look around and say this is the way we should go. I would like to think that is just looking at numbers, run statistical models and pretty dashboards. However, a great analyst has domain knowledge on the subject. Therefore, it is to ask, “Why does this matter?” before anyone else cares about it. It is also to communicate why we should care, what happens if we don’t and what can happen if we do. But what is the value of that if no one listens?

Various parts of the world treat women differently. Each culture has its own opinions on what women should be or do, where we belong. In my experience as a young woman in business who has a broad vision of the world, I have seen that women belong where they are impactful, valued and presented with opportunities to grow. Women belong where they are loved enough to be heard, supported, and appreciated. Why does this matter? If women are the primary care takers of society, then it is important that women are involved decision making, cultivating critical thinking and ethical reasoning. I will always be grateful for my years at the Collins College of Business. I am committed to empowering other women to be so impactful that their success cannot be measured.